Will You Serve God For Nothing?

When tragedy strikes, we have lots of doubts, fears, and questions. We ask “Why?” “How long?” “Where are you God?” “How could God allow…?” There is a question that is asked of you and me. That question comes from Satan to God, “Will a person serve God for nothing?” What will be your answer?

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5 thoughts on “Will You Serve God For Nothing?

  1. Such a beautiful tribute to God. My heart goes out to each family member. God will continue to go with you as you travel on in life. We are all grateful for family’s like yours, that live and show God’s ways and love for u all.

  2. I know Shelby Moore, Doug an Susan. I am sorry or your loss but know you stand with the Lord and he will comfort you. Bless you as you continue life’s journey.

  3. That is the question we need to focus on so their lives and the tragedy is for nothing. What will you do when tragedy strikes? The hard thing that is actually the easiest is to turn to Jesus and live a life that is worthy of his sacrifice. I plan to live my life as though tomorrow will never come because this is the day the Lord will return. Thank You for sharing these moments with us, it is an inspiration to know we can all do so much more. Prayers for the families and working to further the kingdom. In Christ, Jenny Pearson

  4. Thank You for sharing this video. It is so inspiring. Now I have to follow the advice given, what am I doing to further the kingdom? I am a Christian, Bjorn again since 1985. I haven’t always worked out my love for Jesus as much as I should but it inspires me to know today it’s not to late and tomorrow has no guarantee. I try to share His love with everyone i encounter but I will remember when I walk away to give them Jesus. Praying for the families, In Christ love.

  5. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. What a great testamony you are. God bless you and give you comfort and strength.