A Prayer Framework

A way of entering a life of prayer

SkyI have used may different prayer frameworks over the years in my walk with God. The A.C.T.S. framework is a mainstay in my life. “A” stands for Adoration, “C” for Confession, “T” for Thanksgiving, and “S” for Supplication. This may be a bit formal for you. So, I want to share a framework that I just recently have learned. You might want to try:

  1. “Good morning, Lord. It’s me.”
  2. “This is my situation.”
    • This is how I’m feeling.
    • This is how I need your help.
    • What should I do?”
    • Then I’m just silent and I listen for thoughts that can come from God.
  3. “I’m concerned about them because of [whatever the reason is]. What should I do?”
    • Then again silence and just listen.
  4. “Lord, guide me in…” Every day I’ll have meetings or problems or situations. I’ll ask for guidance and wisdom.
    • Then be silent and just listen
  5. “Thanks, Lord, for listening. I am counting on you.”

I think it’s a wonderful really simple way to pray. If this doesn’t work for you, find a way that does. No framework is perfect. This framework misses out on praise and confession. So, it has its weaknesses. But, it has its strengths.  Share with my readers and me what you find helpful.