Believing in the God of the Impossible

At Mustard Seed Christian Church, Sunday was a big day. With 89 people in the building that safely holds about 60, it was time to do something. The leaderaship team met today with hearts to dream about what could be and how to get into a space to grow. In a metro area with a population of 17 million people with less than 1% Christian something must to be done for all those who are facing a Christless eternity. Jay Greer, the lead pastor, laid out a plan. Step one: find a new larger temporary subway accessible location by February 28th. This would save the ministry a full month’s rent. The team dreamt of space that would allow the church to expand to over 1000 people but would be flexible enough to not feel like an empty cavern before it gets full. Sounds impossible? Not for a God who majors in the impossible.

With a lead on a facility closer to a major subway hub and pleanty of space to grow, Seth and Jay have found a great spot. There are options with this rental space that can be adapted for a growing congregation. Tomorrow a sound test will be done to make sure that the music would not disturb other renters. Please pray that the sound will not travel from one floor to the next. It is great to see God answer the prayers of a church who is on mission to reach lost people and grow disciples in the 10/40 window.

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