Worshipping the God Who Invites Risk Takers

My first evening in Japan, Seth and I ate at McDonald’s. It tasted pretty good after many meals of rice and vegetables. I experienced a train ride and subway ride as I connected with Seth. One I arrived at their small three story house, Megan and Asher greeted me. It was fun.

This morning we traveled to the church building where Mustard Seed Christian Church meet. We arrived with the team preparing the building for worship and fellowship. The staff swept, set up chairs, completed video, and cleaned off scuff marks off the wall. The space is small but appears to be maximized. A Japanese chef is preparing a healthy meal for those who will be staying afterwards.

The spirit of the place is that “we are on a mission with God.” The team is on this adventure together.

With patience the lead pastor, Jay Greer, enlists the help of his son, Rowen, with various tasks.it was a gentle demonstration that we are in this as a family. The band practices under the leadership of Matt with his wife managing the artwork, sound, and pro-presenter.

Andy from the sister church started 5 years ago preached the message. He called those who are exploring Jesus to take the risk of following Jesus. We will never be able to enjoy the rewards of following Jesus without taking a risk.

Seth is an amazing young man who loves Jesus and so desperately wants the Japanese to come to a saving relationship with Jesus Christ and to see them grow up into Him. He gave his day to significant spiritual conversations. Megan also invested in connections with various people while keeping her eye and attention on 2 years old Asher and baby Pheobe.

88 people showed up today for the worship service. The building could hold only about 60 comfortably. Mustard Seed is looking for a new place to worship and do ministry. Please pray for God to supply a larger and affordable an accessible space.

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