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From 2015-02-16 Grateful for the Day

Some days are just hard to sum up. Today is such a day. It began easliy enough with breakfast with a couple of my coworkers. We laughed and shared our cold meal that we have gotten use to as if it has simply become our normal routine.

We went to Lisu Christan Church (as it says on the sign) where Tom Moen began teaching hitting it out of the park with teachings on integrity and passing the baton of leadership to the next generation. After lunch, I taught a lesson on preparing a preaching calendar. I was going along with my North American assumptions on preaching, laying out a year of preaching, and showing how I did it for 2014. I then asked if there were any comments or questions. Timothy, one of the wise experienced pastors, asked how many times do you preach in a week? I said, “I preach the same sermon twice.” Then he asked, “How does this work if you have to prepare 5 sermons each week?” That just blew me away. His people gather to worship God and learn from His Word Thursday night, Saturday night, Sunday Morning, Sunday at noon, and Sunday evening. I asked, “Are these the same people?” He said, “Yes.” Amazing!

After the classes were completed and things were rapping up, I was invited into a conversation about coming back to teach Community Health Evangelism and a Leadership Conferences up to twice a year. Is this just a good idea or a God idea? I don’t know but I am searching for God’s will.

Before dinner an elderly pastor of 88 years old, the man who preaches 5 different sermons a week, and the new young college president shared their passion for reaching southeast Asia for Christ. Earlier today day, Simon shared with me about what it would take to start more churches.

We finished off the day with dinner in a small Myanmar diner and topped it off with some ice cream.

Grateful for the day!

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