Encouraged to Return

2015-02-11 Yangon Pastors’ conference ended with a sense of “please return”. The pastors seemed to be very encouraged by Tom Moen and my teaching. Yesterday, Tom focused his attention I
On being men and women of integrity. Who are you when nobody is looking.

My sessions I taught about dealing with opposition. For most of Moses’ ministry his opposition came from grumbling people, untrusting friends, and rebellious leaders. My second session was about leading from the tent of meeting. The tent of meeting was where God and Moses spoke to one another face to face as friends. I finished up with a challenge from Philippians 3:4-14. We have no reason to put any confidence in the flesh. Our past achievements, failures, and recognitions are rubbish. Only one thing matters: to know Christ and the power of his resurrection sand fellowship ping in his suffering so that we might attain to the resurrection from the dead.

President Akin invited me to return to Myanmar to teach at the Emmaus Bible Institute. Yokin requested that I come to see what God is doing around the border areas of Myanmar, Thailand, Loas, and Cambodia, If I understood him right he serves with two churches of over 1000 people. In attendance. Maybe he should come to New Lenox to show me how it is done. Josiah and Simon also encouraged us to return next year.

Today, we are going to Mytinah. This is much ore remote area. I understand that there are 500 churches that are linked to the work of the Morse family. It is estimated that 1,000,0000 people from Southeast Asia are in heaven because this family decided to work WITH Jesus to bring people into Christ’s Kingdom.

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