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Preaching in Yangon, Myanmar February 8, 2015

Preaching in Yangon, Myanmar February 8, 2015

Hearing the Christians in Myanmar sing praises to our God gives you a glimpse of heavenly worship before the throne of God where tribes from every nation will lift up the name of Jesus. We sang in English as they sang in Burmese, “Holy, holy, holy is the the Lord God almighty!”

The worship was lead by Jay, a young man from the Lisu tribe. He lead with enthusiasm as another young man played the keyboard. We worshipped God together.

Later during the clinic Jay told me his story. He was raised in an spiritualist home. His family were animists where they worship demonic spirits. The gospel was shared with Jay and he became new creature in Christ. He went to Emmaus Bible Institute to learn English. While at EBI a music professor encouraged him to take piano lessons and learn music. In two short years he became an accomplished singer and pianist. After he graduated, he returned to his village where his family saw this “new creation in Christ.” They were so impressed by who God was making him to be and the life change that Jay demonstrated that his father, mother, brothers, and sisters have all accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Lives that God changes, change lives!

When you and I allow Jesus to change us from the inside out, we begin shine like stars in the universe and those that we love come to know the Christ that we love. Will you this day ask God to bring about the change that He desires for you so that God will use your changed life to change lives?

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