Checking Out or Checking In

When the foundations are being destroyed, what can the righteous do?” (Psalm 11:3).  We often answer that question with a sense of fear as if all hope is lost. The world is changing and is in turmoil. But rather than see it as a time to checkout what if we saw it as a time of check-in with the opportunity?

That is what I have learned from Timothy, my brother in Christ, in Myanmar. He is the coordinator of Good News Productions in Myanmar. With the turmoil and dramatic shaking of the foundations in his country politically and economically, it could be a time of fear. What will happen to the Christians in Myanmar? But instead of seeing what there is to fear and checkout of the challenge he sees the opportunity now to reach the Buddhists with the life-giving message of Jesus Christ, the one true God.  It is a time to check-in with the mission of Christ.

Yes, the foundations being destroyed in American culture. We could see this as a time to fear. We could see it as a time to checkout, a time to hunker down or run away or to get on defense. But, Jesus did not call the church to be on defense or to checkout. The church is to be on offense.  It is time for us to check-in and become dangerous against the gates of hell. Yes, the foundations are being destroyed, but this brings us the opportunity to check-in to a new opportunity to bring the gospel with more boldness.

I want to remind you that after David asked what can the righteous do, he writes “the Lord is on His heavenly throne.” Let’s check-in to this opportunity that the Lord is placing in front of us!

Timothy is Checking In!

Timothy is Checking In!

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