Waiting In Flight

With my family scattered from Columbia, Missouri to Twickenham, United Kingdom, I’m heading west to South Korea with Sherry. Tina is back in New Lenox holding the fort down. I’m 33,000 feet above sea level. It has been 4 hours since we departed the gate in Chicago. I’ve rested for about an hour but sleep eludes me. It often does even in the comfort of my own bed. Now it is time to wait for the time to pass. I cannot make the plane fly faster. I cannot speed up the slowly changing digits of the clock. I simply wait.

I’m also waiting for The Lord to show up in my life and on this trip. I cannot make His hand move. I cannot force His transforming presence. I simply wait with questions: Will he use me significantly or will I just fulfill the task I volunteered for? I know that without Jesus I can do nothing. Without Jesus, I may do more harm than good. Without Jesus this is meaningless. So I wait on The Lord. I trust that He will show up just in time.